Contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses can be liberating. Find out how with a contact lens appointment with one of The Specky Wren's optometrists. We offer hard or soft lenses for daily, 2 weekly and monthly wear, as well as multifocal and astigmatism correcting lenses. Choose to pay for your lenses by direct debit and receive free eye tests and contact lens appointments - plus 10% discount off spectacles.

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Whether you're new to contact lenses or a long term user, it's essential that your contact lenses are healthy for your eyes and well fitted. We'll make sure these essential optical parameters are met. Correctly fitted lenses should be comfortable to use allowing for longer wear and better value.


Contact lenses need not be expensive. So while our expertise, service and range of contact lenses are of a high standard, value is just as important to us. Our optometrists will always aim to provide the best lenses for your eyes and prescription - and offer value you can’t find elsewhere.


Wearing contact lenses for the first time can be daunting. Our friendly and personal service is designed to make it easier. Appointments are conducted at your pace. We'll explain everything along the way and spend as much time as you need helping with inserting, removing and caring for your lenses.


From occasional use for sport or evenings out to near constant - and even overnight – wear, we can help with all contact lens choices. Your needs and prescription may change and there are often new types of lens available. Our aim is to find the right lens for you.

Contact Lens Care Plan

Our Contact Lens Care Plan is great value. Eye appointments - with an optometrist - are included, and all Care Plan patients gain 10% discount on additional contact lenses, prescription glasses and sunglasses.


There's literally hundreds of types of contact lenses available on the market today. Our expertise allows us to find the exact pair that's optimised for your eyes and your prescription requirements. Single vision, astigmatism correcting or multifocal contact lenses: we'll do our best to find the perfect solution for your eyes.